"A.K.A. The Fonz"
Season 4, Episode #10
(#73) in series
Series: Happy Days
Guest Star(s): Alan Oppenheimer
Ed Peck
Jack Perkins
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 4-10
Writer(s) Brian Levant
Director Jerry Paris
Original airdate November 30, 1976
IMDB IMDb logo A.K.A. The Fonz
Episode chronology
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"The Muckrakers" "Richie Branches Out"

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A.K.A. The Fonz is the tenth episode of Season 4 of Happy Days. The episode was written by Brian Levant and directed by Jerry Paris. It was originally aired on November 30, 1976 on ABC.


Officer Kirk, the new acting sheriff, begins a harassment campaign against Fonzie, and won't relent until he leaves Milwaukee.


Guest starring/RecurringEdit

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