A.K.A. The Fonz is the tenth episode of Season 4 of Happy Days, the 73rd overall episode in the series. The episode was written by Brian Levant and directed by Jerry Paris. It was originally aired on November 30, 1976 on ABC-TV.


Officer Kirk, the new acting sheriff, begins a harassment campaign against Fonzie, and won't relent until he leaves Milwaukee.

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The new sheriff wants to run Fonzie out of town. Richie, Ralph, Potsie, and Al come into Arnold's celebrating their basketball victory. Officer Kirk (Ed Peck) and his assistant comes in and announces he is the new acting sheriff after the death of Sheriff Flanagan.

Kirk announces a list of hoods that he wants out of town: Rocky Baruffi (later played on the series on a recurring basis by Ken Lerner), Rocco Schultz, and Fonzie Fonzarelli. Kirk inspects the kitchen as Al follows him. The guys talk to Fonzie in his office. Kirk searches Fonzie and Fonzie pulls out a weapon: a concealed comb. Kirk says he doesn't like anything about Fonzie.

Fonzie is bugged and tired of seeing Kirk pushing him. Richie says he will write a letter to the the editor of The Milwaukee Journal. Richie reads the letter to the family. Richie suggests Howard call a special Leopard Lodge meeting. Fonzie comes in a suit and tie to the house hoping Kirk will leave him alone.

There is a Leopard Lodge meeting at the house. They discuss bowling shirts and Sheriff Kirk. Officer Kirk gives them a ticket for a 614 - unlawful assembly (no American flag). Kirk says Mickey Malph has to take down his eyeball sign, Al no dancing permit, Bob no double parking his hearse, and no loading zone for Howard.

Fonzie and Kirk meet at Arnold's at midnight for a showdown. Fonzie says he will leave town if Kirk leaves his friends alone. Richie, Potsie, Ralph, Howard, Joanie, Marion, and other come in leather jackets. Everyone is behind Fonzie, and Al shows him his tiny U.S. flag and dance permit and tells Kirk to sit on it. Everyone dances at the end.


  1. Al was classified as 4F.
  2. Fonzie: "3 cheerleaders in the hand is worth a lot more than 3 nerds in a john".
  3. Officer Kirk was once in the Marine Corps and has a daughter named Eileen.
  4. Fonzie has a date with the Hooper Triplets.
  5. Joanie says Fonzie looks like Harold Schneider (a boy in her class) when he comes dressed in a suit and tie.
  6. Fonzie: "The Fonz changes for no man, hey!".
  7. Al is a Leopard Lodge pledge.
  8. Alan Oppenheimer appears as Dr. Mickey Malph in this episode. Jack Dodson originated the role and would reprise the role after this episode, on a recurring basis for several seasons.

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