A Place of His Own is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Happy Days. The episode was written by Bill Idelson and directed by Jerry Paris. It was originally aired on November 9, 1976 on ABC.


Richie's secret scheme to convince sophisticated Cindy Kendall that he has his own apartment by exchanging bedrooms with Fonzie is foiled when her furious father comes looking for her in the middle of the night.


With Richie, Ralph, and Potsie all cramming into Richie's car, each with his respective date, Richie feels it is cramping his chances romantically; so he and Fonzie come up with a scheme for him to use Fonzie's apartment for an evening to try to woo an art student.

  • Note: The role of Mr. Kendall, the art student's father, is played by Conrad Janis, who would go on to play Mindy McConnell's father Fred McConnell (a somewhat similar character) in the Happy Days spinoff Mork & Mindy.



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