Alfred "Al" Delvecchio was a main character on the ABC-TV series Happy Days. The part of Al was played on the series by Al Molinaro.

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Al is the owner of Arnold's Drive-In, who took over after Arnold married. He is a short, round man who often grumps about business in a similar way Arnold does. Al is friends with Marion Cunningham, Fonzie, and Richie Cunningham, but not so much Howard Cunningham, Ralph Malph, or Warren "Potsie" Weber. His girlfriend doesn't speak English. Al wants to be part of a group.

Al eventually married Chachi's mother, Louisa. He had a sighing catchphrase of "Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah...".[1]

For much of the series Al would talk about his former love Rosa Coletti and how she left him for a tie salesman. Eventually Al would meet Rosa again in the eighth season episode, "If You Knew Rosa". She was played by Nancy Marvy.


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