"All the Way"
Season 1, Episode #1
(#1) in series
Happy Days episode
Series: Happy Days
Guest Star(s): Gavan O'Herlihy
Kathy O'Dare
Rick Hurst
Jack McCulloch
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 1x01
Writer(s) Rob Reiner
Phillip Mishkin
Garry Marshall
Director Mel Ferber
Original airdate January 15, 1974
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Episode chronology
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None - series pilot "The Lemon"

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All the Way was the pilot episode of Season 1 of Happy Days. The episode was written by Rob Reiner, Phillip Mishkin and Garry Marshall and directed by Mel Ferber. It was originally aired on January 15, 1974 on ABC-TV.

"All the Way"
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Potsie sets Richie up with a girl named Mary Lou Milligan, who's known to have a reputation. Richie doesn't get far with her but leads Fonzie and others to believe he did.


  • Richie says that he's a junior in this episode, but he doesn't graduate until the fourth season.
  • In this episode, Fonzie opened up a drive-in called Arnold's Drive-In is originally called "Arthur's Drive-In."
  • This is the first episode to use the 1964 ABC Presentation TV camera logo.
  • This also marks the first time the ABC in Color logo was used at the beginning of each episode.

Main castEdit

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