"Fish and the Fins" is the twentieth episode of the second season of Happy Days, also the 36th overall episode in the series. Written by Phil Mishkin, the episode, which was directed by Frank Buxton, premiered by ABC-TV on March 11, 1975.


No one believes Richie when he says he knows a member of the group Johnny Fish & The Fins (Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids).


A rock group hides out at the Cunningham house, while Richie scrambles for tickets.

Howard comes in with a bad back and Marion helps take his coat off him. Richie, Potsie, and Ralph come to the house to watch Afternoon Bandstand. Johnny Fish and The Fins (Sam McFadin, Kris Moe, Jeff Stewart, and Linn Phillips) are on the show singing a song; and Richie knows the band's piano player Rocky Roads (real name: Angelo Coletti who Richie went to summer camp together when they were 9). The band is coming to Milwaukee.

Richie has to get 6 tickets and Corrine wants to go with him, and Fonzie wants 3 tickets on the aisle. Richie "Freckles" tells them about his story when he was 9 years old and saved his life from drowning at summer camp. Marion calls Angelo Coletti (she knows his mother Sylvia) and is able to get 10 tickets (Row LL).

No one believes Richie knows him, and later Rocky Roads comes to the Cunningham house. Rocky wants to use the house as a hideout from fans at the hotel, but he doesn't want Richie to tell anyone. Howard comes home to find a car in the driveway and a fridge full of beer. Abe helps Howard with his back.

Ralph and Potsie come to Arnold's in Ralph's yellow hot rod. Richie is bummed out while he can't tell anyone and the Fish and Fins play basketball. Rocky Roads makes a special dedication to Richie for the first song. They perform a song called "Youngblood". Corrine comes to sit by Richie but he says the seat is taken. Richie brings some souvenirs from the band, and Fonzie distributes them at Arnold's.




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