Fonzie had many love interests, and on his wall in his bedroom, there was a framed photograph of each, signed "to Fonzie" (in A Place of His Own, when Richie Cunningham was pretending Fonzie's apartment was his in order to woo an art student, he claimed they were pictures of his friends, and signed "to Funzie" because he was a fun person to be around.) They also write graffiti about the Fonz on one particular wall of the women's bathroom at Arnold's Drive-In. Fonzie can summon them by snapping his fingers, and they go all love-struck over him. The psychiatrist in A Mind of His Own didn't believe Fonzie when he said he had that many girlfriends and thought he was delusional, but then found out it was true when he saw him wooing his secretary. Fonzie also often waltzes and slow-dances with the love interests.

Known Love Interests Edit

  1. The Aloha Pussycats- a dance troupe Fonzie takes out if he "wants Hawaii". Richie, Warren "Potsie" Weber and even Alfred "Al" also have crushes on them.
  2. The Hooper Triplets.
  3. Shirley.
  4. The psychologist's secretary.
  5. Pinky Tuscadero
  6. Ashley Pister.(broke up)
  7. One of the Polaski twins. Potsie has a crush on the other.
  8. An older woman in Fonzie's Old Lady.
  9. Roberta Rigaboni.
  10. Jennifer. He forgot her name once, but let her know he still thought of her as special.
  11. Lillian.
  12. Lori Beth.
  13. Vivian.
  14. An actual judge.
  15. Mayzie.
  16. Jasmine.
  17. Chloe.
  18. Daphne
  19. Sophia
  20. Doris
  21. Charlene
  22. Cloris
  23. Maureen (he dumped her)
  24. Denise
  25. Debbie
  26. Norma
  27. Maria
  28. Ramona
  29. Loretta
  30. Stacy Lobitsky
  31. Barbara
  32. Kathy
  33. Louise
  34. Helen
  35. Ginger
  36. Beatrice
  37. Sandy
  38. Amanda
  39. Sustacia

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