"'Fonzie Moves In'" is the first episode of the third season of Happy Days; it was also the 40th episode aired in the series overall. Co-Written by Lowell Ganz and Mark Rothman, the episode, which was directed by Jerry Paris, first aired on ABC-TV on September 9, 1975.


Howard's hardware store begins facing competition. Now increasingly concerned about finances, Howard decides to rent the room above the family garage to generate some extra income. He looks around for a suitable tenant, but becomes aghast when Richie rents it to Fonzie. Howard is certain that Fonzie's unsuitable and plans to evict him.


Due to slow business at the hardware store, Howard decides to rent out the adjoining upstairs attic/apartment as a way to make more money. Fonzie brings his grandmother, Grandma Nussbaum (Lillian Bronson) over to rent it but she hates it. While his dad helps her down the outside steps,Richie talks Fonzie into moving in instead,much to the horror of Howard who still considers Fonzie a "hood" and nothing but trouble. (He nearly chokes Richie!) Will these two very different backgrounds be able to co-exist?

  • Note: As of this episode, Happy Days permanently switched from a single-camera setup to a multi-camera setup with a live studio audience. To accommodate, the main sets were rebuilt - most notably the interior of the Cunningham house. Also, Fonzie's catchphrase "Sit on it" and his nickname for Joanie, "Shortcake," are first spoken.

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