"Hardware Jungle" is the fifth episode of the first season of Happy Days. The episode was written by Michael Leeson and Frank Buxton and directed by Jerry Paris. It aired on February 12, 1974 on ABC.


At Arnold's Drive-In, Ralph and friends watch a prank-in-progress on Moose and Potsie enters. He sits with Ralph and Richie joins them. They discuss the rock 'n' roll show that they want to attend, though Richie was unable to get tickets for them. Ralph suggests they get tickets from Fonzie, who is in the bathroom, writing on the wall. He charges them $6 for tickets.

Marion gives Howard some honey to treat his sore throat as Richie comes to ask about money for the tickets.

Richie goes to the garage where Fonzie works to get the tickets. When he returns home, a doctor is seeing Howard, telling him that he will need to get his tonsils removed. Howard gives Richie the responsibility of watching the hardware store on the same night as the concert while he gets this operation done.

Richie goes to Arnold's to tell Fonzie that he has to return the tickets.

Howard and Marion then pack the former's belongings for his hospital stay as Joanie gives him details about the tonsil operation. As Richie prepares to tell Arlene that their date at the show is off, Howard tells him he can close the store early.

At the hospital, Richie tries to call Fonzie about getting the tickets back, but cannot reach him.

Later at the hardware store, Potsie brings in Fonzie, who sells them another set of tickets. Richie and Potsie eventually get ready to close the door, but accidentally lock themselves inside. Richie tries to call his father, who misunderstands the purpose of his call and falls asleep. In the process of trying to unlock the door, they accidentally break the door's window. Richie decides to give the tickets to Potsie as he waits for the glass repairman, who he learns is attending the rock 'n' roll show.

As Howard recovers, he tells Richie that he appreciates the responsibility he displayed the previous night.





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