"Here Today, Hair Tomorrow" was the 22nd and final episode of of Season 8, the final season of Laverne & Shirley; it also was the series' finale episode, the 178th in the series. Written as a teleplay by Susan Jane Linder from an original story written by Linder and Ken Sagoes, the episode, directed by Tom Trbovich, originally aired on ABC-TV on May 10, 1983.


Carmine moves to the Big Apple to try to make it as an actor.


Rhonda (Laverne's neighbor) & Frank both suspect Carmine is about to commit suicide, seeing that he's packed all his stuff, turned off the gas, and disconnected his phone. Carmine has actually decided that he's getting nowhere fast in Hollywood and is going to New York to try his luck on Broadway in the stage play "Hair".

Rhonda and Frank lend him money as he doesn't have quite enough to get there yet. He says his goodbye to them and he goes to tell Laverne. At Laverne's apartment he tells her his news and that he's 100 dollars short of funds. Laverne tells him that she can finally afford to buy a new bed but Laverne, instead, offers to loan Carmine the $100 from her bed money. Eventually he takes it and says goodbye to her, too. After his arrival in New York,Carmine goes to his audition....did he make it there?

Although his prospects for success look bleak, at least our hero Carmine finds a new roommate and kindred spirit in the form of a funky African American actor named Rick (Ben Powers).

  • Note: This episode was clearly intended to be pilot for a L & S spinoff series starring Eddie Mekka as Carmine, but was not picked up by ABC-TV. Ben Powers, who played the part of Rick West in this episode, also appeared earlier in Season 8 as militant activist Aaron in the episode "Death Row: Part 1" (episode #6).



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