Lynda Goodfriend (born October 31, 1953) is an American actress. She portrayed Lori Beth Cunningham (née Allen), Richie's girlfriend then wife in Happy Days.


Before Happy Days, she played Ethel "Sunshine" Akalino on the short-lived series Blansky's Beauties. After that show left the air, she and co-star, Scott Baio joined Happy Days. She originally played a guest role in the fourth season of Happy Days as Kim, a girlfriend of Richie's in "Time Capsule" and then as Ginger, a girlfriend of Ralph's, in "Graduation: Part 1", before returning to the show as Lori Beth in the fifth season.

She then went on to play several parts in notable Garry Marshall films, playing a tourist in Pretty Woman, as well as cameo and guest star roles in Exit to Eden, Nothing in Common (with Tom Hanks) and Beaches. During the mid to late 1980s, Goodfriend appeared in several independent projects, including An All Consuming Passion, a film written and directed by Kathryn Nesmith (producer of 1981's Elephant Parts and wife of Michael Nesmith). Goodfriend directed the teleplay pilot Four Stars that was financed by Garry Marshall and starred veteran actor Bert Kramer and actress Julie Paris. Most recently, she directed the short film, The Perfect Crime in 2009.

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Lynda holds a BFA from Southern Methodist University (SNU) and is the acting chair at the New York Film Academy.[1]


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