Mork from Ork and Fonzie Happy Days
Mork and Fonzie in "My Favorite Orkan" in Season 5 of "Happy Days" (ep.#22).
Character information
Gender: Male
Family/Personal Facts
Family/Relatives: A beaker (Mother)
An eyedropper (Father)
Exidor (Adoptive)
Spouse(s): Mindy McConnell
Series Appearances
Played by: Robin Williams
Appeared on: Mork & Mindy / Happy Days in guest appearances
Episodes appeared in: 2 in Seasons 5 & 6 (Happy Days)
Mork & Mindy: 94 episodes, entire series

Mork, an alien was played by comedian/actor Robin Williams who appeared in two episodes of the TV series Happy Days, "My Favorite Orkan" in Season 5 (episode #22), and "Mork Returns" in Season 6 (episode #24).

Garry Marshall, the producer, wanted an immediate spin-off show starring Williams, which became the ABC-TV series Mork & Mindy, which co-starred Williams and actress Pam Dawber. It was a smash hit, sky-rocketing Williams' career into superstardom. Williams performed in nightclubs all over during the filming for the series, in which audiences would beg him to do "Mork" and he would respond: "Mork's not here!!" The character was very popular and gave Williams a chance to break into film.

About MorkEdit

is a member of a race of humanoid life-forms, known as Orkans, from the planet Ork.

Mork was born in an Orkan laboratory as a "test tube baby". He claims that his mother was a beaker and his father was an eyedropper (a pun on the term "eyedropper" meaning a person who will grow out of a relationship with their wife), noting that his father "left Mom for two medicine bottles, with those tight labels, the scum!!". Mork is eccentric even by alien standards, having vast knowledge of politics, celebrities, international news, and impersonations.

He first meets Mindy McConnell near the Colorado Mall in a secluded field, wearing a business suit backwards. When he reveals to her what he is, at first she is scared but Mork calms her down by stating that Orkans abolished violence Bleems ago. He lives with Mindy, learning all about Earth culture while teaching her Orkan culture.


Mork always tells jokes involving famous people, businesses, life-styles, politics, and a vast number of other one-liners. He is a master of impressions, most notably Truman Capote, Ricky Ricardo, and more. It's hard to tell when Mork's ever serious, but there have been a few occasions where he has been very sincere, especially towards Mindy. Mork has a child-like innocence, which comes in handy when he is employed at a day care center. The three main children that he hangs with are Lola, Stephanie, and Billy.

Mork is always eager to learn about Earth customs, including from Mindy. After every lesson he learns, he makes a mental report to Orson, his superior, passing along his new Earth knowledge to Ork. Mork's usual greeting is "Nanu, nanu!", which he claims is better than the original greeting "Yo, lizard thighs!".

Appearances on "Happy Days"Edit

In Mork's first appearance in the episode "My Favorite Orkan"', no one believes Richie when he tells them that he saw a UFO, or "flying saucer"; when he goes to get "the scoop" on the situation, he winds up meeting Mork, who immediately freezes his family and friends in time, as he had the intent of taking Richie to his planet, Ork, to observe human behavior, as he then gets in sort of a showdown with Fonzie, being, Mork's powers, and Fonzie's powers, this after Fonzie accidently stumbled on to him by accident when he dropped by.

In Mork's seconed appearance in "Mork Returns", Mork decides to visit the 1950's again, to get help from Richie, as he seeks to learn more about relationships, which he could use back in 1978 with his relationship with roommate and friend, and later, wife Mindy.

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