Nancy Blansky was a character who appeared in the Season 3 episode of Happy Days titled "The Third Anniversary Show" (episode #17), which aired on ABC-TV on February 4, 1977. The part of Nancy is played in the episode by Nancy Walker, who made a guest appearance, as she would reprise the role of Nancy the very next week in a spinoff series Blansky's Beauties, which premiered on ABC-TV on February 12, 1977.

About NancyEdit

When Richie and Joanie decide to throw a surprise wedding anniversary party for their parents, included in the surprise is an unexpected visit from Howard's cousin Nancy, who owns an apartment complex in Las Vegas.

In Blansky's Beauties, the life of Nancy, who's a show-biz veteran, is revisted about 20 years later, in 1977, as she still runs and owns an apartment complex in Las Vegas, as this time she serves as a sort of "den mother" to the Showgirls whom she also manages, as they also reside in the complex

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