Officer Kirk was a recurring character who appeared sporadically on Happy Days, in a total of nine episodes from Seasons 3 to 10. The part of Kirk was played by veteran actor/comedian Ed Peck.

About Officer KirkEdit

Kirk is a police officer who was once a sheriff, but became a crossing guard after the events which occured in the episode "A.K.A. The Fonz". A strictly by-the-book law enforcement officer, Kirk is known to jump to wrong conclusions a lot about certain people he describes as "undesireables", as in the episode "Jailhouse Rock", he proposed a curfew for everyone who frequented "Arnold's Drive-In" under 20 years of age, this after a few teenagers had committed vandalism, and, after a few "hoodlums" he noticed were wearing leather jackets, he wanted Fonzie, whom he began harrassing, out of town. He also didn't like Howard Cunningham's hat, and when Mr.Cunningham said "You might as well make funny hats illegal", he did. Most of the others also dislike Officer Kirk very much.

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