"Richie Fights Back" is the sixth episode of the third season of Happy Days; it was also the 45th overall episode in the series. Written by Arthur Silver, the episode, which was directed by Jerry Paris, first aired on ABC-TV on October 14, 1975.


After being humiliated in front of his date by local hoodlums Frankie and Rocco, Richie turns to Fonzie for advice, and soon decides that he wants to learn jujitsu to defend and stand up for himself.


Richie is continually harassed by a pair of local hoodlums named Frankie and Rocco. When they humiliate him during in front of his girlfriend at Arnold's, Richie turns to Fonzie for advice in turning the tables on his foes. It all leads to his enrollment in a jujitsu class.

  • 'Note: In 1997, TV Guide ranked this episode #88 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes.



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