Roger Phillips
Ted-McGinley-Roger Phillips
Ted McGinley as Roger.
Character information
Gender: Male
Family/Personal Facts
Family/Relatives: Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Flip Phillips (brother)
Marion Cunningham (aunt)
Howard Cunningham (uncle)
Richie Cunningham (cousin)
Joanie Cunningham (cousin)
Chuck Cunningham (cousin)
Career/Job: Teacher and Coach at Jefferson High School
Series Appearances
Played by: Ted McGinley
Appeared on: Happy Days
Episodes appeared in: 60 in Seasons 8-11

Roger "Coach" Phillips is a character who appears on Happy Days, making his series debut in the Season 8 episode "Hello, Roger" (episode #4). [1] The part of Roger is played by Ted McGinley, who later would go on to further TV show fame as Jefferson D'arcy, second husband of Marcy Phillips, on the hit FOX TV network sitcom series Narried... with Children.

About RogerEdit

Roger is the nephew of Howard and Marion Cunningham and a teacher and basketball coach at Jefferson High School in Milwaukee. The character of Roger helped fill the void left by the departure of Richie Cunningham who left to join the army (Richie was played by Ron Howard, who left the series to pusue a directing career). Roger was a recurring character in seasons 8-9 and joined the main cast in season 10 and stayed until the series finale in season 11.


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