Laverne & Shirley: Season Two

Laverne & Shirley Season 2

"Laverne & Shirley" Season 2 DVD cover

Season Information
Episodes 23 aired
Network/Air Dates ABC-TV,
September 28, 1976 -
April 5, 1977
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This page contains a list of the episodes in the second season of Laverne & Shirley.  

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Broadcast historyEdit

The season aired Tuesdays at 8:30-9:00 pm (EST).[1][2]



Season 2 (1977-78)Edit

Season 2 episodes
Image Episode Title Directed by Written by Original air date No. in series
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 1 "Drive! She Said" Howard Storm Jack Winter September 28, 1976 16
The girls acquire their first
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 2 "Angels of Mercy" Howard Storm Michael Warren & William F. Bickley October 5, 1976 17
Shirley talks Laverne into joining her at the hospital as a volunteer worker.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 3 "Bachelor Mothers" Howard Storm Barry Rubinowitz October 19, 1976 18
The girls must choose between babysitting as promised and accepting dates.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 4 "Excuse Me, May I Cut In?" John Thomas Lenox Fred Fox, Jr. October 26, 1976 19
The girls select Richie and Potsie as partners in a dance contest.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 5 "Bridal Shower" Alan Myerson Paula A. Roth & Judy Skelton November 9, 1976 20
The girls attend a bridal shower where they feel like the odd ones out.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 6 "Look Before You Leap" James Burrows Deborah Leschin & David W. Duclon November 16, 1976 21
Laverne assumes the worst when she wakes up with morning sickness after a wild night she can't remember.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 7 "Dear Future Model" James Burrows Teleplay by: Barbara Robles & Judy Skelton
Story by: Barbara Robles
November 23, 1976 22
The girls set out to become models.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 8 "Good Time Girls" James Burrows Laura levine November 30, 1976 23
Hector doodles the girls' phone number in a men's restroom.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 9 "Two of Our Weirdos Are Missing" Howard Storm Bob Sand & Bo Kaprall December 7, 1976 24
Lenny and Squiggy go missing after finding themselves in debt.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 10 "Christmas at the Booby Hatch"
(also titled: "Oh, Hear the Angel Voices")
Howard Storm David W. Dulcon December 21, 1976 25
Carmine talks the girls into singing at a Christmas show.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 11 "Guilty Until Proven Not Innocent" James Burrows Bob Sand & Bo Kaprall January 4, 1977 26
Laverne gets arrested for stealing.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 12 "Anniversary Show"
(also titled:"The Laverne & Shirley Birthday Show")
John Thomas Lenox Paula A. Roth & Roger Garrett January 10, 1977 27
The gang remembers past events as they wait for the girls to return from a trip to Canada and have a surprise party at the Pizza Bowl.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 13 "Playing Hooky" John Thomas Lenox Barry Rubinowitz January 11, 1977 28
The girls skip work, only for a couple of cops to mistake them for hookers.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 14 "Guinea Pigs" James Burrows Jack Winter January 18, 1977 29
The girls become guinea pigs for experiments to earn extra money.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 15 "Call Me a Taxi" Alan Myerson Deborah Leschin & Paula A. Roth February 1, 1977 30
The girls become taxi dancers when they get laid off.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 16 "Steppin' Out" Dennis Klein Deborah Leschin February 8, 1977 31
The girls dress up to step out.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 17 "Buddy, Can You Spare a Father?" Ray DeVally, Jr. Monica Johnson & Eric Cohen February 15, 1977 32
Shirley goes to a sleazy bar on the waterfront to find her missing down-and-out father (Scott Brady).
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 18 "Honeymoon Hotel" Gary Shimokawa Monica Johnson & Eric Cohen February 22, 1977 33
Shirley wins a vacation in a contest that's only for newlyweds.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 19 "Hi, Neighbors: Book 2" Ray DeVally, Jr. Monica Johnson & Eric Cohen March 1, 1977 34
The girls take pity on Lenny and Squiggy, who've been stood up.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 20 "Frank's Fling" Howard Morris William J. Keenan March 8, 1977 35
The girls conspire to ruin Frank's girlfriend (Maureen Arthur).
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 21 "Haunted House" Alan Myerson Andrew Johnson March 22, 1977 36
The girls find a run-down mansion while looking for a new couch.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 22 "Lonely at the Middle" James Burrows Jack Winter March 29, 1977 37
Shirley gets promoted to supervisor of the bottle-labels division, only to have her subordinates turn against her.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 23 "Citizen Crane" Ray DeVally, Jr. Raymond Siller April 5, 1977 38
An impresario (Severn Darden) headlines the girls in a musical extravaganza with the promise of stardom.


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