Laverne & Shirley: Season Three

Laverne & Shirley Season 3

"Laverne & Shirley" Season 3 DVD cover

Season Information
Episodes 24 aired
Network/Air Dates ABC-TV,
September 24, 1977 -
May 30, 1978
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This page contains a list of the episodes in the third season of the ABC-TV sitcom series Laverne & Shirley.  

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Broadcast historyEdit

The season aired Tuesdays at 8:30-9:00 pm (EST).[1][2]



Season 3 (1977-78)Edit

Season 3 episodes
Image Episode Title Directed by Written by Original air date No. in series
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 1 "Airport '59" Alan Rafkin Chris Thompson September 20, 1977 39
The girls' first plane trip nearly turns disastrous until Laverne takes the controls.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 2 "Tag Team Wrestling" Alan Rafkin Marc Sotkin September 27, 1977 40
Laverne wrestles with an Amazonian in tag-team wrestling for charity.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 3 "The Pact" Joel Zwick Yvette Weinberger & Mike Weinberger October 4, 1977 41
A spoiled playboy woos the girls, leading to a pact in which they swear to never let a guy come between them again.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 4 "Robot Lawsuit" Alan Rafkin Judy Pioli October 25, 1977  42
A shyster persuades Laverne to sue a toy store where she was attacked by a robot.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 5 "Laverne's Arranged Marriage" Alan Rafkin Emily Marshall November 1, 1977 43
Frank arranges for Laverne to marry a mozzarella tycoon's nephew.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 6 "Cruise: Part 1" Alan Rafkin Chris Thompson November 8, 1977 44
The girls sell children's shoes to earn money for a cruise.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 7 "Cruise: Part 2" Alan Rafkin Babaloo Mandel & Barry Lange November 15, 1977 45
An ensign woos Shirley on the cruise to the Great Lakes.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 8 "Laverne and Shirley Meet Fabian" Alan Rafkin Paula A. Roth November 22, 1977 46
Unable to obtain tickets to a Fabian concert, the girls pose as French waitresses in his hotel in hopes that they can meet the teen idol.
450px-Laverne &amp; Shirley-Image Needed 9 "The Stakeout" < Alan Rafkin Barry Rubinowitz November 29, 1977 47
The FBI uses the girls' apartment to stake out counterfeiters, one of whom may be Carmine.
450px-Laverne &amp; Shirley-Image Needed 10 "Shirley's Operation" Alan Rafkin David W. Dulcon December 6, 1977 48
Shirley is in the hospital for a minor operation and runs out in a panic, leading her friends - dressed up for a production of Alice in Wonderland - to track her down.
450px-Laverne &amp; Shirley-Image Needed 11 "Take My Plants, Please" Alan Rafkin Mark Sotkin December 13, 1977 49
When the girls are laid off again, they start a plant business that doesn't exactly blossom.
450px-Laverne &amp; Shirley-Image Needed 12 "New Years Eve 1959" Alan Rafkin Marc Sotkin December 27, 1977 50
On New Year's Eve, Laverne's date dumps her and Shirley comes down with a New Years Eve cold.
450px-Laverne &amp; Shirley-Image Needed 13 "The Mortician" Alan Rafkin Laura Levine January 13, 1978 51
Shirley is disturbed by a mortician's mordib interest in her health.
450px-Laverne &amp; Shirley-Image Needed 14 "The Horse Show" Alan Rafkin Judy Pioli January 17, 1978 52
Shirley rescues a horse from the glue factory and brings it home.
450px-Laverne &amp; Shirley-Image Needed 15 "The Slow Child" Alan Rafkin Dan E. Weisburd January 24, 1978 53
Edna leaves her disabled daughter in the girls' care, but the child disappears with Lenny.
450px-Laverne &amp; Shirley-Image Needed 16 "The Second Almost Annual Shotz Talent Show" Alan Rafkin Paula A. Roth January 31, 1978 54
The girls are put in charge of the talent show and face the task of finding a place for Mr. Shotz's talentless son.
450px-Laverne &amp; Shirley-Image Needed 17 "The Dentist" Alan Rafkin Babaloo Mandel February 7, 1978 55
Shirley's dim-witted dentist cousin tries to fix Laverne's sore tooth.
450px-Laverne &amp; Shirley-Image Needed 18 "Bus Stop" Alan Rafkin Barry Rubinowitz February 14, 1978 56
The girls take a bus to a city where they plan to rendezvous with students.
450px-Laverne &amp; Shirley-Image Needed 19 "The Driving Test" Alan Rafkin Chris Thompson February 21, 1978 57
Squiggy must pass a driving test in order to keep his job.
LS ep 3x20 -The Obstacle Course 20 "The Obstacle Course" Alan Rafkin Arthur Silver February 28, 1978 58
Shirley goes through a police obstacle course in order to prove her mettle.
LS ep 3x20 - The Debutante Ball 21 "The Debutante Ball" Alan Rafkin Paula A. Roth & Judy Pioli May 9, 1978 59
Lenny invites Laverne to a royal ball when he learns he's 89th in line to take the Polish throne.
450px-Laverne &amp; Shirley-Image Needed 22 "2001: A Comedy Odyssey" Ray DeVally, Jr. Chris Thompson & Marc Sotkin May 16, 1978 60
Laverne dreams that she and Shirley are in their 80s and still without significant others.
450px-Laverne &amp; Shirley-Image Needed 23 "The Dance Studio" Ray DeVally, Jr. Nicholas DeMarco May 23, 1978 61
The girls try to help Carmine get a loan for a dance studio.
450px-Laverne &amp; Shirley-Image Needed 24 "Breaking Up and Making Up" Alan Rafkin Phil Foster & Marion Zola May 30, 1978 62
Edna is visited by her ex-husband, which made Frank jealous. This causes for Frank and Edna to end their relationship. Will Laverne and Shirley get Frank and Edna back together? Or will Frank and Edna end up being sad and alone forever?


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