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Laverne & Shirley Season 5

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Season Information
Episodes 26 aired
Network/Air Dates ABC-TV, September 13, 1979 - May 13, 1980
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This page contains a list of the episodes in the fifth season of Laverne & Shirley.  

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Broadcast historyEdit

The season aired Thursdays at 8:00-8:30 pm (EST),[1][2] Mondays at 8:00-8:30 pm (EST)[3][4] and Tuesdays at 8:30-9:00 pm (EST).[5][6]


Guest starsEdit



Broadcast historyEdit

The season aired Thursdays at 8:00-8:30 pm (EST),[7][8] Mondays at 8:00-8:30 pm (EST)[9][10] and Tuesdays at 8:30-9:00 pm (EST).[11][12]

Season 6 (1979-80)Edit

Season 5 episodes
Image Episode Title Directed by Written by Original air date No. in series
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 1 "Shotgun Wedding: Part 2" Joel Zwick Judy Pioli September 13, 1979 87
In the second part of a two-part crossover with Happy Days, the girls become engaged to Richie and Fonzie to rescue them from a shotgun wedding.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 2 "One Heckuva Note" John Tracy Jeff Franklin September 20, 1979 88
Shirley discovers a love letter written by Carmine and addressed to Laverne.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 3 "Fat City Holiday" Joel Zwick Roger Garrett September 27, 1979 89
The girls get jobs at a fat farm where they're trained by a woman with a most unique technique for losing weight (Susan Kellermann).
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 4 "Upstairs, Downstairs" Joel Zwick Al Aidekman October 4, 1979  90
The girls have nightmares manufactured from their arguments over a wrongly issued check.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 5 "What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor?" Joel Zwick Chris Thompson & Gary H. Miller October 18, 1979 91
Shirley is visited by her sailor brother (Ed Begley, Jr.) who has trouble dealing with his alcoholism.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 6 "You've Pushed Me Too Far" Joel Zwick Jeff Franklin October 25, 1979 92
Squiggy accidentally pushes Lenny out a window and into a trash can.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 7 "The Wedding" Joel Zwick Paula A. Roth November 4, 1979 93
Edna accepts Frank's marriage proposal.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 8 "Bad Girls" Joel Zwick Barry Rubinowitz November 8, 1979 94
The girls' old club goes from revelry to robbery. Guest starring Michelle Greene and Elizabeth Daily as two of the club members.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 9
"We're in the Army, Now: Part 1"
"We're in the Army, Now: Part 2"
Joel Zwick Judy Pioli & Jeff Franklin November 15, 1979 95
The girls enlist in the Army.

Special Guest Star: Vicki Lawrence as Sergeant Plout

450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 11 "Take Two, They're Small" Ray DeVally, Jr. Paula A. Roth & Judy Pioli November 22, 1979 97
Lenny and Squiggy start a dating service.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 12 "The Fourth Annual Shotz Talent Show" Joel Zwick Chris Thompson December 6, 1979 98
Mr. Shotz persists on a patriotic theme for the talent show..
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 13 "Testing, Testing" Joel Zwick Teleplay by: Chris Thompson
Story by: Kenny Rich
December 13, 1979 99
Shotz hires a psychologist to analyze work aptitudes.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 14 "Not Quite South of the Border" Joel Zwick Deborah Leschin & Susan Seeger January 7, 1980 100
The girls take a vacation at Raoul's house by the Bay "near Mexico".
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 15 "You Oughta Be in Pictures" Joel Zwick Jeff Franklin January 14, 1980 101
The girls are recruited to appear in a film for the Army, the topic of which is prostitution..
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 16 "The Beatnik Show" Joel Zwick Barry Rubinowitz & Al Aidekman January 21, 1980 102
The girls impress beatniks at a coffeehouse with their exotic dance. Guest starring Art Garfunkel as "The Mighty Oak".
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 17 "The Right to Light" Joel Zwick Kenny Rich January 28, 1980 103
The girls chain themselves inside the gas company to protest a gas bill - before realizing there's a bomb about to go off.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 18 "Why Did the Fireman...?" Joel Zwick Roger Garrett February 4, 1980 104
Laverne dates a fireman (Ted Danson).
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 19 "The Collector" Joel Zwick Teleplay by: Jeff Young & Frank Alesia
Story by: Linda Segall & John Byers
February 11, 1980 105
Carmine gets a job working for a loan shark.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 20 "Murder on the Moosejaw Express: Part 1" Joel Zwick Richard Rosenstock & Jack Lukes February 26, 1980 106
The girls are on a train when a murder victim stumbles into their compartment, his last words being: "Beware the bald man."

Guest stars: Roger C. Carmel, Scatman Crothers, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Conrad Janis and Charlene Tilton.

450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 21 "Murder on the Moosejaw Express: Part 2" Joel Zwick Charlotte M. Dobbs & Jeff Franklin March 4, 1980 107
Poisoning and kidnapping lead to a final confrontation with the bald man who committed a murder on the Moosejaw Express.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 22 "Survival Test" Joel Zwick Teleplay by: Roger Garrett & Al Aidekman
Story by: Richard Gurman
March 11, 1980 108
Sergeant Plout (Vicki Lawrence) orders the girls to partake in a survival test pitting men against women in the "frozen wilderness".
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 23 "The Duke of Squiggman" Penny Marshall Jeff Franklin March 25, 1980 109
Squiggy becomes an English duke when he sleepwalks.
L&S ep 5x24 - Antonio The Amazing 24 "Antonio, the Amazing" Maurice Bar-David Cindy Begel & Lesa Kite April 1, 1980 110
Laverne's Italian cousin Antonio (Ed Marinaro) comes to America to make his fortune, but he can't seem to find a job.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 25 "The Diner" Linda McMurray Bob Perlow May 6, 1980 111
Lenny's uncle leaves him a diner called "Dead Lazlo's".
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 26 "Separate Tables" Frank Alesia Deborah Raznick & Ria Nepus May 13, 1980 112
To help Laverne conquer her fear of being alone, Shirley makes her eat on her own at a Chinese restaurant.


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