Laverne & Shirley: Season Six

Laverne & Shirley Season 6

"Laverne & Shirley" Season 6 DVD cover

Season Information
Episodes 22 aired
Network/Air Dates ABC-TV, November 18, 1980 - May 26, 1981
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This page contains a list of the episodes in the sixth season of Laverne & Shirley.  

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Cast changesEdit

Leslie Easterbrook would join the cast as Rhonda Lee, tall, voluptuous, rather nacissitic, self-asorbed blonde actress/singer/dancer/model trying to make it big in Hollywood, who becomes neighbors to Laverne and Shirley, who, along with Frank and Edna, who open up a new restaurant, "Cowboy Bill's", and Lenny and Squiggy, relocate to Southern California.

Ed Marinaro, who appeared in one episode as Antonio DeFazio, a cousin of Laverne, reappears in a recurring role as Sonny St. Jacques, a Hollywood stuntman who begins dating Laverne in California.


Broadcast historyEdit

The season aired Tuesdays at 8:30-9:00 pm (EST).[1][2]

Season 6 (1980-81)Edit

Season 6 episodes
Image Episode Title Directed by Written by Original air date No. in series
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 1 "Not Quite New York" John Tracy Jeff Franklin November 18, 1980 113
When the girls lose their jobs to automation, they move to Hollywood.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 2 "Welcome to Burbank" John Tracy Jeff Franklin November 25, 1980 114
As soon as the girls settle into their new apartment in Burbank, an earthquake hits.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 3 "Studio City" John Tracy Richard Rosenstock December 2, 1980 115
The girls audition to be stuntwomen in a movie set in prehistoric times starring Troy Donahue.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 4 "Grand Opening" John Tracy Ruth Bennett November 9, 1980 116
At the grand opening of Frank's eatery, the knife-thrower doesn't show, so Shirley must assume the position of tossing knives at Laverne.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 5 "Candy is Dandy" John Tracy Joanne Pagliaro December 16, 1980 117
The girls get jobs wrapping rum-filled chocolates.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 6 "The Dating Game" Penny Marshall Al Aidekman December 30, 1980 118
Lenny and Squiggy are chosen as contestants on The Dating Game simply because Jim Lange pities them.

Special Guest Star: The Dating Game host Jim Lange

450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 7 "The Other Woman" Arthur Silver Joanne Pagliaro January 6, 1981 119
Lenny and Squiggy are chosen as contestants on The Dating Game simply because Jim Lange pities them.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 8 "The Road to Burbank" Frank Alesia Jeff Franklin January 13, 1981 120
The girls are fined for room damage at a hotel where they allegedly checked in with Lenny and Squiggy as married couples.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 9 "Born Too Late" Alan Myerson Roger Garrett January 27, 1981 121
Lenny and Squiggy imagine living a silent life after watching a silent movie.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 10 "Love Out the Window" Linda McMurray Ruth Bennett February 2, 1981 122
Sonny reluctantly quits his job as a stuntman and goes into insurance.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 11 "Malibu Mansion" Frank Alesia Anthony DiMarco & David Ketchum February 10, 1981 123
The girls house-sit a mansion in Malibu where an outrageous party takes place.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 12 "To Tell the Truth" Jack Winter Al Aidekman February 17, 1981 124
The gang spends a night playing a "truth game".
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 13 "I Do, I Do" Phil Perez Cindy Begel & Lesa Kite February 24, 1981 125
A pair of British rock stars proposes to the girls in order to gain American citizenship.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 14 "But Seriously, Folks..." Penny Marshall Jeff Franklin March 3, 1981 126
Carmine starts a new career as a comedian and uses his friends as the basis for his jokes.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 15 "The Bardwell Caper: Part 1" Tom Trbovich Anthony DiMarco & David Ketchum March 10, 1981 127
The girls send a nasty note to their boss before realizing he's given them a raise.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 16 "The Bardwell Caper: Part 2" Tom Trbovich Anthony DiMarco & David Ketchum March 17, 1981 128
The girls try to retrieve the nasty note to their boss in order to save their jobs..
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 17 "High Priced Dates" Jack Winter Charlotte M. Dobbs April 7, 1981 129
The girls go to a lavish dinner with their blind dates.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 18 "Fifth Anniversary" Tom Trbovich Winifred Hervey & Cheryl Alu April 14, 1981 130
Frank and Edna argue on their fifth anniversary.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 19 "Out, Out, Damn Plout" Marlene Laird Etan McElroy & Larry Strawther May 5, 1981 131
Sergeant Plout goes AWOL.

'Special Guest Star: Vicki Lawrence

450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 20 "Laverne's Broken Leg" Ray DeVally, Jr. Anthony DiMarco & David Ketchum May 12, 1981 132
After Laverne breaks her leg, an angel shows her how important she is to family and friends.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 21 "Sing, Sing, Sing" Cindy Williams Deborah Raznick & Ria Nepus May 19, 1981 133
Lenny serenades a waitress with his rendition of "Telstar" on amateur night.
450px-Laverne & Shirley-Image Needed 22 "Child's Play" Gary Menteer Jeff Franklin & Dana Olsen May 26, 1981 134
Shirley puts on a glass production in which she and Laverne play all the parts.


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