The Bardwell Caper: Part 1 was the 15th episode of the sixth season of Laverne & Shirley; it was also the 127th overall episode. Co-written by Anthony DiMarco and David Ketchum, the episode, directed by Tom Trbovich, premiered on ABC-TV on March 10, 1981.


The girls send a nasty note to Mr. Bardwell, their boss, not realizing that he's just given them a raise.


In part one of the "Bardwell Caper" story, Laverne and Shirley, who were recently passed over for a raise, decide to send a note to the boss, which Shirley writes. Laverne signs,a dding an insult & it gets sent to Bardwell. Later, they're informed by Miss Barnes, their boss's secretary, them they did receive the still unopened letter. Now the girls must execute a virtual "Mission: Impossible" to retrieve the nasty note, to keep their boss from opening and reading it.

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