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Network: ABC-TV
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Writer(s) Steve Zacharias
Director Herb Wallerstein
Original airdate February 19, 1974
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"Hardware Jungle" "Fonzie Drops In"

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The Deadly Dares is the sixth episode of Season 1 of Happy Days. The episode was written by Steve Zacharias and directed by Herb Wallerstein. It aired on February 19, 1974 on ABC.


Richie and Potsie, in their never-ending effort to get girls, decide that they want to join a gang called the Demons. However, in order to be accepted, they have to perform several dares.

Note: Neil J. Schwartz makes his first appearance as Bag Zambroni in this episode.


  • Steve Zacharias is credited as "Steven Zacharias."
  • This episode marks the first time, Fonzie wears a leather jacket.
  • Potsie mentions his embarrassment at borrowing mascara from his sister. This would contradict his statement in later seasons regarding being an only child.
  • Warren "Potsie" Weber got his nickname from his mother. When he was growing up, he liked to make things out of clay. His mother called him Potsie once, and it stuck.
  • This episode marks the last time, the 1964 ABC Presentation TV camera logo was used.

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