"The Fonz is Allergic to Girls" is the eleventh episode of the sixth season of Happy Days, also the 126th episode in the series. Co-written by Mary-David Sheiner and Sheila Judis Weisberg, the episode, which was directed by Jerry Paris, originally aired on ABC-TV on November 14, 1978.


Richie tries to find the reason Fonzie seems to be allergic to girls before the celebrated chick magnet ditches dating forever.

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It starts with Fonzie in his apartment and Chachi entering. Chachi begins joking around, but Fonzie says it is a solemn and very important day, and Chachi will become a man. Chachi asks if the Hooper triplets are coming. Fonzie says they would be too much responsibility. Chachi then wonders if he is running for president and asks if he's to young. Fonzie just looks at him. Chachi apologizes. Fonzie then hands Chachi a black book, containing his (Fonzie's) dating information. Chachi, surprised, asks why Fonzie is giving his black book away. Fonzie says he can't tell him. He then says there is more and hands Chachi a map of Inspiration Point.

A gobsmacked Chachi asks why Fonzie is giving him his belongings, and asks if he's leaving town. They sit down, and the Fonz tells Chachi that he's giving up dating girls. Chachi thinks this is a joke, and then leaves. Richie then comes downstairs in his suit. Marion compliments his looks, and asks if he is on a date with Lori Beth. Richie says yes, and he is going to see a new movie, hoping it will give Lori Beth "ideas". Marion wonders if Howard will go. Joanie then comes downstairs with a towel around her, saying she is late for a dinner party. Marion demands she take the towel off, and Joanie reveals she is actually wearing clothes under it.

Richie and Joanie then clown around a bit. Howard then enters, complaining of a flat tire. Joanie leaves, and Howard asks Marion if she is out of her mind letting Joanie go out with the towel around her. Marion tells him not to worry, as Joanie has clothes on underneath and she is visiting her best friend Jenny Piccalo. Howard does not trust Jenny, then complains that he hasn't had dinner. Richie, Howard and Marion then watch ads on TV. Then, the parents dash into the kitchen. Howard starts putting food down, and so does Marion. Richie, still watching TV, tells them which commercials are playing. One is about bacteria. Another is for bug spray. The parents dash back into the living room with food and continue to watch TV.

Fonzie enters and tells the Cunninghams (sans Chuck who is not there and Joanie who is at Jenny's party) that he has given up dating girls. Marion, Howard and Richie are too busy laughing at the TV. Fonzie leaves. At Arnold's Drive-In, Al is talking on the phone to someone who is a bit confused. Al worries as Fonzie has not been there in a week, which means the girls are less interested, which means single guys looking for dates (such as Potsie, Ralph and Richie) are less interested, too, meaning less people are dining at Arnold's. He then hangs up. He tells his waitress that he's broke. Ralph, Potsie and two girls enter. Ralph says that the problem is over and they brought girls over from out of town.

Al says girls won't solve his problems. Ralph says that the girls are for Fonzie to date as he (Ralph) thinks Fonzie is bored of dating Milwaukee girls. The boys then introduce the girls as Doris and Charlene. Charlene shakes Al's hand. Ralph comments that she looks kind of like him. Potsie has a crush on Doris. Potsie and Doris then sing How Much Is That Doggy In the Window?. Charlene starts to tell a joke, but Al interrupts. He says it is funny that Potsie and Doris and Ralph and Charlene have the same hair, and Charlene tells jokes and Doris sings, which reminds him of two other people, and asks the boys if it reminds them. They say no.

Al is surprised. He goes back into the kitchen. Both girls are waiting for the Fonz, who they both have crushes on. Richie then leads the Fonz in. Ralph, Doris, Potsie and Charlene walk up to Richie and Fonzie. The girls try to touch Fonzie but he doesn't want to be touched. Richie demands that he talk to Fonzie in his "office" at that instant. In the bathroom, Richie demands to know what's going on. Fonzie grabs Richie's clothes and looks him in the eye. Richie says Fonzie's been acting weird and apologizes. Fonzie accepts the apology. Richie wants Fonzie back to normal and says he is worried by Fonzie not dating. Fonzie says he will give Richie his office when he's "gone" and says he's "going down the highway for the last time". He then taps on the phone. Richie asks Fonzie if he's "you know". Fonzie says it's worse. Richie asks what could be worse than "you know". Fonzie leans on him. Fonzie, in an emotional voice, says he has an allergy. Richie says allergies are no big deal and he himself is allergic to strawberries. Fonzie says there is no substitute for what he's allergic to. Richie asks Fonzie what he (Fonzie) is allergic to. Fonzie says girls, and Richie says "you cannot be allergic to half the population!".

Fonzie then says he has been sneezing while dating. Richie asks if he could be allergic to anything else and Fonzie says he is not allergic to flowers. Fonzie says he kissed every girl in Milwaukee. Richie points out he has not kissed any girls from out of town and shows them Charlene and Doris, who are very excited. Richie explains to Ralph and Potsie that Fonzie thinks he's allergic to girls. They think that is silly.

Fonzie enters. Richie announces the "experiment". Potsie and Ralph are still giggling at the possibility of being allergic to girls. Richie volunteers to kiss them first. The girls weren't that interested in Richie. A shy Fonzie then kisses the girls without any trouble. He says he is "cured". He then takes the girls home. Potsie jokes that he might try the "medicine" for his hay fever. Richie remarks that Fonzie can't be allergic to Milwaukee girls.

Howard comes home the next day with Marion ironing. He then gets a bit "frisky" with her and says things were slow at work. They are about to kiss, but Richie comes in and they decide not to. Marion continues to iron and Fonzie comes in. Howard says there were less than four people at the store. Marion is happy that Fonzie is there. Richie notes how happy Fonzie looks. Fonzie notes that he doesn't have allergies. Marion is happy for the Fonz. Fonzie talks about Charlene (Rebecca Gilchrist) and Doris (Patti Pivaar), who he dated. Charlene and Doris then enter, wanting Fonzie. Fonzie walks up to them and starts sneezing. The girls are sad. Fonzie is in his apartment, packing his suitcase. Richie asks if Fonzie is moving, and asks where, and Fonzie replies to a mountain.

Richie then asks how Fonzie gets ready for his dates. He answers. He finds his list in the roof. Steps 1-5 are in the shower. The other steps are brushing his teeth and tongue and wearing the right clothes. There is also a step to do with music. There is another step to do with lip excersises. Then, Richie wonders if Fonzie is allergic to the seven dollar perfume Fonzie mentioned. Fonzie says it does not make him sneeze. Fonzie applies his aftershave. Richie finds out that the perfume and the aftershave combined are making him sneeze (there is also smoke). Fonzie then shouts "The Fonz is cured!!!" out the window, and voices echo it.

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