The Muckrakers is the ninth episode of Season 4 of Happy Days, also the 72nd overall episode of the series. The episode was written by Alan Mandel and Charles Shyer and directed by Jerry Paris. It was originally aired on November 23, 1976 on ABC-TV.


Ace reporter Richie 'Scoop' Cunningham's determination to print the truth, no matter what, uncovers a high school cafeteria meatloaf scandal but later jeopardizes his friendship with Fonzie.

Plot summaryEdit

hen Potsie breaks a tooth eating meatloaf at the school cafeteria, Richie goes undercover to conduct an investigation for the school newspaper on the poor kitchen conditions, with a little help from Fonzie. But when Richie's story is a big success, he plans to do a follow-up report, including how Fonzie has a phobia of liver. After Richie refuses Fonzie's request that he not mention it in the report, the two fall out and stop talking to each other. By the episode's end, Fonzie conquers his fear by successfully eating a plate of liver.


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