"Welcome to Burbank" is the second episode of the sixth season of Laverne & Shirley, also the 114th overall episode in the series. Written by Jeff Franklin, the episode, which was directed by John Tracy, premiered on ABC-TV on November 25, 1980.


As soon as the girls settle into their new apartment in Burbank, an earthquake hits..


Lenny & Squiggy drive the girls to Burbank in an old ice cream truck. The girls enter and set up their new apt. Soon,they meet their new neighbors and are quickly shook up at California ways. Will they adapt or head on back?



Guest starring/Recurring castEdit


  • Ed Marinaro had previously played Laverne's cousin Antonio DeFazio just a few months earlier at the end of season 5.
  • When Laverne peaks into Rhonda's apartment following the earthquake she mentions the book "Valley of the Dolls". However, this episode is set in 1964, and the trashy novel wasn't published until two years later in 1966.
  • The Beverly Hillbilles TV series is referenced by Laverne.

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